Children in Refuge

These are questions Children and Young People identified as thinking before they came in to refuge:-

  • Where are we going to go?
  • What's it going to be like?
  • Is it scary?
  • Do you have to share with everyone?
  • How long can we stay for?
  • Will Dad find us there?
  • Will everyone know now?
  • Why do we have to go? Why can't he go?

This is what they wanted to say to others about being in refuge:-

  • It is a safe place.
  • You can bring your toys with you.
  • Don't be afraid, everyone is really nice.
  • There are nice people in the refuge, you can make friends there.
  • There are lots of boys and girls there who have been hurt just like you. The workers will help you mend that hurt.
  • I want to stay here forever, it's so great.


Life in Refuge

When you first arrive in refuge you mum will have to fill out some forms then you will be shown to your flat. This might be shared with another family or just your own family. Once you have settled in a Children and Young Peoples Worker will come to say hello, this person is called your Key Worker. This might happen on the first day or after a few days.

Your Key Worker will tell you about life in the refuge and then show you the playflat and in some refuges, the outdoor play space. She will also talk to you and your mum to find out about you and together fill out a form so that you can take part in the children and young peoples sessions. Your Key Worker will also explain to you and your mum some rules that we have to help keep everyone safe and happy. You will then be invited along to the next play session in the playflat which is suitable for your age group and meet the other Children and Young Peoples Workers and the children and young people who live in your refuge.

During your stay in refuge you will have the opportunity to talk about any worries that you may have, make new friends, share your experiences, learn new skills, play games, join in activities and during the holidays go on trips and have fun. All these things will help to make you feel happier and more positive and help you to recover from the effects of Domestic Abuse.

Each week children and young people are offered a variety of sessions depending on their age, these include:-

  • 1 to 1 support (individual time with your key worker)
  • Group Work (share your ideas and talk about your worries wiht other boys/girls in your age group)
  • Free Play (your choice of play activity, sharing with other Children and Young People)


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